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6 Halloween Costume Ideas from Difuzed

Halloween costume ideas 2021

For a lot of us, Halloween is the most exciting holiday of the year. It’s an excuse to not only dress up in a costume, but also a unique opportunity to embody our favorite characters in movies, tv shows, books, and gaming and express ourselves creatively to the world.

However, it also begs the yearly question, “What will my Halloween costume be?” With plenty of creepy, amazing, and iconic characters to choose from, choosing a costume can be a harrowing (pun intended) task.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of costume ideas that will have you the center of attention at any party this year.

Take your pick from these villainous to downright spooky characters. Here’s Difuzed’s pick for the best Halloween costume ideas this 2021.

1. Cruella

Halloween costume

Difuzed Cruella Collection

Cruella has always been a Halloween favorite, with her black and white hair and bold, dark outfits. However, this year she has become even more popular with the release of the highly successful Disney movie starring Emma Stone.

The great thing about dressing up as Cruella is that you can look good without putting on any effort at all. Grab a black and white wig and wear an all-black outfit and you’re good to go. However, if you’re a fan of the latest movie, you may opt for a more couture look. Check out our collection of fashionable Cruella clothing and accessories if you’re lacking some inspiration.

2. Dracula

Difuzed Universal Halloween Collection

Another Halloween classic costume, Dracula is perhaps the most timeless vampire of all time. It’s also another of those “lazy” Halloween costumes you can get away with. Grab a black suit, some fake fangs and blood, put on some eyeliner and you’re ready to rock the night.

But who says Dracula can’t undergo a fashion evolution? As an immortal, he is also bound to adapt to the times and embrace modern fashion as well. Grab one of our graphic Dracula t-shirts to put a modern spin on this classic Halloween character.

3. Venom

Venom Halloween Costume

Difuzed Venom Collection

I don’t know about you, but this symbiote has one freaky face. A Venom costume will most likely appeal to those who don’t mind putting in a lot of time and effort to create a Halloween costume. Kids love the ready-made black suits with the creepy Venom face printed on it. But adults who want a more realistic costume will have to craft a more convincing suit.

Or they could opt for one of our Venom-inspired clothing and accessories for a trendier and modern take. View our “scary” collection here.

4. Chucky

Chucky Halloween Costume

Difuzed Universal Halloween Collection

There’s no other doll in the world as scary as Chucky. We were first introduced to this evil character in the initial movie, Child’s Play. The film was such an immediate success, it opened at number 1 on its first week and ended up accumulating a total gross of $44,196,684 – effectively making its lead character one of the most popular and iconic horror characters of all time (and a favorite Halloween costume choice, too.)

Check out our fantastic Halloween handpicks, which include some awesome Chucky items, here.

5. Frankenstein

Halloween Costime Frankenstein

Difuzed Universal Halloween Collection

The novel Frankenstein was considered one of the earliest examples of science fiction – and one that gave us the most iconic horror characters of all time. If you want to go classic this Halloween, you can dress up as The Monster in Frankenstein. If not, you can also opt to get dressed as the mad scientist, Dr. Frankenstein himself, or even the Bride of Frankenstein.

6. Maleficent

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without including the ‘Mistress of Evil’ herself. Bag the best costume award at any Halloween party with a Maleficent costume. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, or of Angeline Jolie’s scorned fairy queen version, you will be the most elegant yet intimidating villain of the night.

Pick a headpiece, an all-black outfit, and rock some red lipstick and you’re good to go! Make sure you’re a little bit late to the party so you can make a grand entrance!

We have an expansive portfolio of premium, fashion-forward Disney clothing and accessories. From designs featuring classic villains like Maleficent to items with the most beloved princesses, our catalogue of Disney merchandise will make any fan feel magical. Take a look here.

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