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Halloween in Time of “New Normal”

It is clear that the coronavirus pandemic took away most of the fun this year. The unusual has become “the new normal”.  Parties, celebrations, sports activities, concerts, art events… We had to compromise a lot. However, this year also shows us how amazing human adaptation is and pandemic has clearly boosted our creativity. Life goes on and the events have evolved with new measures.

Halloween, the spookiest and one of the most fun days of the calendar. Especially for kids and families. Of course it will be celebrated this year too with social distancing. Good news: It falls on Saturday and it is full moon.

How can we celebrate Halloween while still keeping safe? There is a lot of ways to still have fun.  Here are some ideas:

1-) Decorate your house even more than before. Let your family and kids feel the festivity.

2-) Pack a bag of candies, leave them at your neighbor’s doorstep with a note. Everybody loves treats and happiness is contagious.

3-) Bake spooky cakes.

4-) Dress up! Social distancing does not mean you cannot dress up. Costumes are the most fun part of Halloween. Even if not a costume, you can still wear something which helps you feel the spookiness of Halloween. Check out our Halloween t-shirts and caps. 

5-) Be creative. Find some spooky activities for home.

6-) Organize a virtual party. Get “virtually” together with your friends. Make sure everybody dresses up, or at least put something on which brings you Halloween mood. Why not make a best Halloween outfit competition?

7-) Watch a scary movie. Here is the list of the best Halloween movies:  The Best Halloween Movies

8 -) Give presents to your loved ones.

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