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2021 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends

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Joyful Rebellion: Creating New Happiness

We finished a year in the shadow of the corona pandemic and have started a new year with lockdown again but with more optimistic thoughts. As pandemic influenced everything in 2020, it is clearly having an effect on 2021 fashion trends as well.

“As lockdown has seen us rely on the virtual, there is still a need for escapism, joy, pleasure, and protection. We will create our own fantasy through gaming and social media. As a result, there will be a mix of rebellion and partying as we come out of lockdowns. It’s time to open our senses to environments and fashion that will engage, intrigue, repel and raise an eyebrow at the same time. Colours will clash, shine and dazzle, textures will be repurposed, quirky or indulgent. There will be an element of cocooning for winter and graphics will dive into fantasies, the hyper real and messages of anarchy and positivity” says Sara Allwood, Creative Director of Difuzed who presented Autumn /Winter 2021 fashion trends this week.

It seems 80’s, 90’s nostalgia will continue, as well as futuristic concepts will be used in fashion industry. 

We can list the fashion trends under different concepts:

1.) Gothic:  

Yes. Gothic is back! Skulls and dark florals, renaissance art, black on black looks, baroque photo references, and printed velours, anything Gothic feel will be used heavily. Accessories will have appliqué skulls, metallic florals, velour and shine details. Gothic elements such as florals and skulls, baroque tapestry and gilded artworks will be used for Kids fashion as well.

2.) House Party:

Youth culture 80’s 90’s rave scene will be seen a lot as well as joyful, positive slogans, and trippy digital filters. Psychedelic ensembles and tie dyes are back too.

3.) Street Rebel:

Punk vibe, graffiti art, anarchy in art, street punk, skater vibe, anarchy in youth will be strong elements to be used on clothes and accessories.

4.) Survivalist:

After all, we all are survivors. Off the grid, new camo, future hieroglyphics, hand-drawn info graphics will be the highlights. Protective, apocalyptic warriors, webbing and multi pocketed, oversized and layered cloths and accessories will continue hitting. Functional will be the most important thing to chose accessories. Big bags with laptop sleeves will help commute from office to home-office.

Dinos and new camo, vintage chequerboards, fossils artworks will used as pattern on kids fashion items.

5.) Scared of The Dark:

Futuristic horror elements, poster tees, cut out details will be other important highlights of the Autumn /Winter fashion of 2021

6.) Witching Hour:

Wicken references, dark arts and symbols, foils and metallics, head to toe looks, one colour graphics or with neon highlights for futuristic vibe, like Gothic elements for adults’ fashion, and symbols, mystical creatures, dark colours, opulent shine for kids’ fashion will be seen a lot.

7.) Lunar Explorer:

Digitalization has helped us to overcome some of the problems of lockdown. Of course, it will shape the fashion trends as well.

Future space travel, galactic mystery, new space travel, shine and neon highlights, lanyards and harnesses, digital explorations, digital landscape art. Mars and beyond, and a lot of metallics.

8.) Street Party:  

Let’s have some fun! Upbeat party, 90’s vibe, all about the fun, sporty, party vibe. Colour blocked and spliced together will be used.

9.) Key Accessories:

The Beanies:  Fisherman’s ribs, boucle, high crowns, deep cuff turnovers.

Winter Bucket: Plush fabrics, checks, twills, wide brims

The baseball:  Corduroy, Leather packs, varsity, plaids, seamless

The trapper hat in plush, corduroy, quilted fabrics, and novelty items

Cross body and backpacks reign. In ergonomic shapes, multi pocketed, highly functional.

To sum up, nostalgia as well as futuristic themes, street life, fun elements will be seen a lot in fashion. The functionality will be one of the main features for clothing and accessories in autumn /winter 2021.